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Non-fiction submissions are now open for commentary, essays, memoir, reviews and interviews to be published online in Kill Your Darlings magazine in late 2020 and early 2021. 

What we're looking for: 

  • Essay/Commentary (1000–2000 words) that analyses a cultural, political or societal issue, particuarly one that readers may not understand the nuances or implications of. Longer, investigative feature essays (2000–3000 words) will also be considered.
  • Memoir or personal essay (1000–1500 words) that reflects or engages with any aspect of life, identity and culture.
  • Cultural criticism (1000–1500 words) that engages or illuminates a piece of culture, particularly one that has wider ramifications for society or reflects broader trends.
  • Work that doesn't quite fit within the above categories but you think would be a good fit for us!

Some topics we're particularly interested in this month:

  • Smart, entertaining essays on film and TV
  • Entertaining literary criticism that compares publishing trends and themes across several texts
  • Commentary on issues concerning working writers and the publishing industry
  • Memoir pieces that tell us something broader about society
  • Pitches that make us laugh!
  • Note: KYD is not seeking submissions directly responding to or reflecting on the coronavirus crisis. (While the crisis affects all part of life and some mention may be unavoidable, it should be incidental or not the primary focus of the pitch.) 

Who we're looking for: 

Your pitch should include a relevant biography, a short description of the proposed article, length, and why it makes a good fit for KYD. For more detail Check out our tips on pitching for more on how to craft a strong pitch.

Kill Your Darlings pays all of its contributors.

Please note: Unfortunately publication slots are very limited, and we cannot accept all the work we would like to. We endeavour to respond to pitches within 1 month of submission, though can sometimes take longer at certain busy times of the year. If your pitch is relevant to a specific date, please let us know. You are welcome to submit to multiple publications (if you are successful elsewhere, please withdraw your submission from KYD).

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.